Game Screen​

Game Screen​
1 Health Gauge Character’s remaining life, which decreases when receiving attacks.
Deplete your opponent's Health Gauge to win the round.
2 Time Limit When it reaches 0, time is up.
The player with more health remaining wins the round.
3 Rounds Won Lights up when a player wins a round.
Win the match by winning the required number of rounds.
4 Heat Timer Timer counts down when Heat is activated. Heat finishes when the gauge is depleted.
5 Recoverable Gauge A part of the damage taken by blocking certain big moves or aerial combos remains as a recoverable gauge.

Basic Operations​

Basic Operations​
5 (When Heat activation available) Heat Burst
5 (During Heat) Heat Smash
6 (During Rage) Rage Art
7 Arcade Style <-> Special Style
Basic Operations

Controller style​

Two controller styles are available, which you can switch between during battle.

  • ・Arcade Style: The original control style for skilled players who want greater freedom
  • ・Special Style: A new style enabling players to experience the aerial combos and situation-specific actions which Tekken is famous for - at the push of a single button
Special Style
Enjoy the thrill of Tekken’s combat without the need to learn and practice the commands for each character’s moves!
  • ・Switch between Special Style and Arcade Style at the push of a single button (L1) in any mode.
  • ・Each character’s recommended moves and combos are assigned to the attack buttons.
  • ・When in Heat or Rage states, the moves attributed to each button will respond to that state.