Arcade Quest

Arcade Quest

Explore the player-centric story mode via Arcade Quest. Navigate through different arcades with a customized avatar and witness the growth of a skilled TEKKEN player.

About Arcade Quest

You are the protagonist, unfolding a narrative set in a game center that explores interactions with friends and personal improvement.

Acquire fundamental battle knowledge and practical techniques as the story unfolds.

Explore different arcades and partake in battles against a variety of unique rivals.

Collect various items through battles and customize your avatar or profile.

Watch replays of battles to get advice, delve into tutorials tailored to specific challenges and strive for continuous improvement.

Super Ghost Battle

Super Ghost Battle

Face off against an AI ghost that swiftly learns a player's unique tactics and movements.
The ghost battle, which accurately replicates a player's distinctive style, allows for objective self-analysis and serves as valuable practice for combat.

About AI ghost

The AI ghost rapidly learns movements resembling the player with high reproducibility through Q-learning.

Footage showing how the ghost learns to move
*Ghost is on the right

As the player engages in battles across various modes and gets better, the ghost's movements also evolve and level up.

AI Ghost vs. Battle Director

About the generation of ghost data
  • ・Ghost data is generated automatically via battle content in various modes such as online modes, Arcade Quest and Super Ghost Battle.
  • ・The ghost data is created individually for each playable character.

Playing against other players' AI ghosts

Player can play against other players' ghost data via Tekken Fight Lounge or Leaderboards.

In addition, the ghost data can be downloaded and played against at any time.

Super Ghost Battle is recommended for:
  • ・Players who are not confident in playing online matches
  • ・Players who want to play against or counter specific characters
  • ・Players who want to play against or counter specific players

Players who want to play against the ghosts of the developers or aspiring top players



A mode that allows you to polish your battle skills by making use of various features. You can practice character-specific moves, combos and guaranteed counterattacks, as well as replicate specific situations for repeated training.

Practice Features

1. Command List
The Command List highlights key moves. You can play demo videos to view the exemplary actions. Additionally, there are audio cues for optimal timings to press the buttons, allowing you to practice in rhythm.
2. Combo Challenges
Practice recommended aerial combos in the Combo Challenge. Both accurate and inaccurate commands are visually represented, enabling you to reflect on and improve your practice by identifying the points where mistakes occur.
3. Punishment Proficiency Practice
You can repeatedly practice recommended moves and timings to ensure a hit, after successfully guarding specific attacks.
4. Practice with Punishment Settings
You can set the opponent to counterattack, allowing you to practice responding with your own counterattacks in a simulated real-life scenario.
5. Practice with Recorded Status
By pressing the Touchpad + R2 button, you can save the current state. For example, if you save in the middle of a challenging aerial combo, you can focus on practicing areas that are prone to mistakes.
Other ways of using it

Tekken Ball

Tekken Ball

The mini-game from TEKKEN 3 makes a comeback!
Enjoy unconventional battles where you deal damage to your opponent and emerge victorious by attacking a ball.

Tekken Ball

Rather than attacking the opponent directly, you accumulate damage by striking the ball. You can reduce your opponent's health gauge by hitting the ball back. In addition to offline PvP battles, you can also engage in online battles through Tekken Fight Lounge.