Story “The Dark Awakens”

Story: The Dark Awakens

The ongoing clash between Jin Kazama, determined to defy his destiny, and his father, Kazuya Mishima, who opposes him, progressively transforms into a major conflict involving the entire world.

The seamless gameplay experience, showcasing smooth transitions from cinematic scenes to intense battles, encourages deep immersion into the TEKKEN universe and delivers the pinnacle of exhilaration in the series' history.


With the disappearance of Heihachi Mishima, the all-out war between his Mishima Zaibatsu and the Kazuya Mishima-led G Corporation came to a close, as the latter seized victory due to its increased influence.

Even so, G Corp continued to wage war across the globe. Half a year later, peace is yet to return to the world...

Various world leaders gathered at the behest of the United Nations, where they pledged to carry out sanctions against G Corp for as long as they refused disarmament.But then, Kazuya appeared as a representative of G Corp. He announced he would be rejecting their terms and immediately had his forces storm the assembly hall, turning it into a sea of flames along with the rest of New York.

Meanwhile, the rebel army led by Lars Alexandersson commenced Operation Lightning, a mission designed to take down Kazuya.

Jin Kazama would be the key to the operation, for had learned to control his demonic power at will.

Father and son: Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama... With the very world itself hanging in the balance, the battle between devils is about to begin.

Character Episodes

Character Episodes

Includes episodes for all 32 characters.
Enjoy side stories and alternative narratives of your favourite characters.

What will become of the unceremonious drink battle between Azucena, the Coffee Queen, and Lili...?

What lies behind Dragunov's satisfying long break...?

Includes episodes for all 32 characters

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