Tekken Fight Lounge

Tekken Fight Lounge

The expansive online visual lobby, Tekken Fight Lounge.
Enjoy communicating with other players through text chat, stamps and emotes by controlling your own personalised avatar.

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Tekken Fight Lounge is comprised of 4 areas.

About Battle Area

Battle Area
An area where everyone can gather around an arcade machine to play or spectate battles online. There are three matching methods available for online battles. Choose the one that suits you best and dive into battle.
Types of battles accessible from the Battle Area
Group Match

Match up with opponents sitting at opposing machines within the same circle.

Enjoy online battles between players gathered at the same arcade machine.

Experience gameplay reminiscent of being at an actual arcade—be it a serious match against a rival or a casual, fun session with friends.

Match Anywhere

Even if you are not sitting at the same arcade machine, you can match in quick matches or rank matches from anywhere in the lounge.

While waiting for a match, feel free to move around the lounge and enjoy interacting with other players.

Battling with other players' ghosts

You can battle against AI ghosts that have learnt other players' play styles. You can either approach players in the same lounge or download ghosts from the leaderboards.

Not only can you enjoy a PvP experience that is more casual than online matches, but also strategise against specific characters and players.


When you select a player engaged in online battle, you can watch that battle in real-time. If there is a player that you find interesting, be sure to catch them in action.

About Customization Shop

Customization Shop
An area where you can acquire playable characters, avatars, player items, and perform customization to suit your own style. Customised characters can be used in battles, while avatars can be utilized in Arcade Quest and lounges.

About Beach Area

Beach Area
An area where you can play Tekken Ball. Enjoy online matches of Tekken Ball only from the arcade machines installed in this area.

About Tekken Dojo

Tekken Dojo
An area where you can access each feature of Practice. Make the most of the comprehensive training functions to refine your battle skills.

Ranked Match

Ranked Match

A mode that matches you with players near your skill level for online battles. Enjoy battles, increase your rank and showcase your skills.

In Ranked Matches, points increase or decrease based on victories and defeats. Your rank will be elevated upon accumulating a certain number of points and winning a promotion match. Strive for victory in intense battles to achieve a rank promotion.

Quick Match

Quick Match

A mode where you can match with opponents without considering ranks, allowing for casual online battles.

Since matchmaking is independent of ranks, you can enjoy online battles without worrying about your rank. There is no impact on your rank whether you win or lose, so feel free to take on battles with ease.

Player Match

Player Match

A mode where you can start sessions (rooms), or join rooms that you have searched for by setting the conditions, allowing for online battles with other players or friends.

Creating a Player Match session

Set multiple criteria of your preference to create a session (room) and engage in online battles.

Set a passcode for meeting up with friends, or broadcast practice rooms on social media to enable interactions suited for various playstyles.

Joining a Player Match session

Set multiple criteria to search for sessions (rooms). You can select sessions based on skill levels, such as 'Beginners only' or 'All skill levels welcome'.

Enjoy battles while communicating with other players through text chat during the session.



A mode where you can check the global rankings.
Hone your battle skills and aim for the top!

You can view three types of rankings: 'TEKKEN Power', 'Ranking Points', and 'Ranked Match Wins'. You can also check character-specific rankings and platform-specific rankings.

You can view top-ranked players' profiles and download their AI Ghosts.

Downloaded AI Ghosts are stored in Super Ghost Battle. Challenge yourself against the top players you find intriguing!